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About the company

scitrain Coaching

The gap between who you are and who you want to be is not as far as you think. You just need support, guidance, and mentorship to help you get there.

scitrain believes that each individual has the innate ability to grow and develop into the person and professional they would like to be. Our Executive Coaches use a variety of individualized and research-based approaches, guiding the Coachee to be self-directed. While providing a motivating presence, the Coach supports the Coachee in leveraging strengths and managing areas of development.

scitrain develops the next generation of leaders to not only adapt to transformation but also be drivers of innovation, through personal coaching and customized solutions.

Our Approach

Connection: When you work with scitrain coaches, a close relationship will form, which will allow for open and honest conversations and encourage holistic growth.
Clarity: Our coaches actively encourage self-reflection while providing helpful feedback to clarify your values, beliefs, vision, and goals.
Confidence: We approach coaching with your strengths in mind, encourage “doing”, and celebrate success.
Change: Through the power of courageous conversation, our coaches will challenge you to unlock your internal resources and grow to your true potential.
Community: scitrain coaching involves more than the coach and coachee; it includes an environment of support. Your development will align with organizational strategy and will involve managers so they are able to support you in achieving your goals.

"Intention leads to behaviors which lead to habits which lead to personality development which leads to destiny." - Jack Kornfield

Our team

Mili Banerjee

Peter Carey

Joanne Dias

Andrea Hotton

Jonathan Magid

Anna Ruemenapf

Emily Schlak

Shelly Marks

Ken Parekh

David Grant

JoEllen McLaughlin

Holly Pederzolli

Dennis Stranges

Tenice Wehmeyer

Top services

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Fortive ALE Coaching

90 min

Please book a 90-minute coaching call with the coach of your choice. Be sure to enter the best number at which to reach you for the coaching session.

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Fortive EQ Virtual Simulation

60 min

Please select a 60-minute session for your Virtual Simulation. Please also hold the time on your calendar until you receive the final invite with zoom link.


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