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International Women's Day (SSC)

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The Unspoken Truth: Amanda Bernardo

Find Your Guts: Aneeta Bains

The Words That Changed Everything: Véronique Eng

Own It: Your Success, Your Future, Your Life: Clare Beckton

The Curiosity Advantage: Amethyst Savides-Dupras

When You Become a Leader, Success Is All About Growing Others: Karla Briones

CIO in the Government Of Canada: Elizabeth Rhodenizer

Spread Your Awesome: Claire Bouvier

Math Saved My Life. Body Language Made My Life. And Gratitude Is My Life : Fariba Anderson

Smashing the Glass Ceiling: Inspector Isobel Granger

Women in Academic Leadership: Dr. Jacline Nyman

Elevating Women and Girls: Solange Tuyishime

Social Entrepreneur and Trailblazer: Midia Shikh Hassan

Bobsleigh Mom: Paula Sloan

How to Grow B(old): Helen Hirsh Spence

Virtual Book title: I am Difficult, You Should Be Too!: Adrienne Power, OLY

Living a Nurtured Life: Bree Jamieson-Holloway

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Living Library Books

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Living Library  The Living Library is a unique experience where "books" (inspiring womxn) meet with "readers" (you!) for one-on-one conversations to share their unique stories.The Living Library is based on the "Human Library" concept launche


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