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Shit Mendy Cooks

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About the company

With Shit Mendy Cooks I wanted to create a platform for people to get inspired, learn more about Thai food culture, and also make food content more fun and accessible for everyone. It’s always been my dream to combine both of my passions - music and food. For Thai food, I usually know the recipes from my grandmother and mom by heart, as I grew up cooking them. Other than that I got a lot of inspiration from local people when I travel and take cooking classes. And of course I also get inspired by content I see online, but I always adapt any recipe to my taste, which is really a Thai thing to do.

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Mendy Indigo

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Massaman Curry with Chicken

60 min

Massaman Curry with Chicken is influenced by Malay and Thai Muslim cultures. It has a sweet and salty taste. The signature of the dish is the aroma produced from spices and herbs like coriander seeds, cumin, cloves and cinnamon. This recipe is made f


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