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Mario Trevino, psychologist

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I'm a Transpersonal Psychologist focused on the client's emotional well being. I do psychologically oriented Astrology and Tarot Readings. I'm also a BioNeuroEmotion® practitioner and a Grief Counsellor.

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BioNeuroEmotion® Session

90 min

This method's main objective is to look at the emotional root cause of a particular issue (stressor)  or a physical symptom. I focus on changing a client's perspective and thus changing the need for this stressor or symptom to be present. Sessio

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Grief Counselling

60 min

My specialization as a psychologist is in grief counselling. These sessions are for those of you who have lost a loved one and are experiencing a hard time coping with it, or can't seem to move forward. This is often known as a 'complicated grief'. T

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AstroTarot 75min

75 min

I work primarily with tarot and your birth chart. Together, we will look at your cards, transits and directions, and also employ the consultation chart to help you make the best decisions for yourself by gaining some insight into your life experie


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