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About the company

Hi there!

Thanks for booking your engagement shoot with Ebony & Pearl Photography!

The shoot will take place throughout October and November in Phoenix Park with the aim to capturing natural candid photographs of the two you as we take a short walk around the grounds.  Our starting place will be the Tea rooms, please see the map to the location.

So to the exciting part, the shoot itself!  This will be approximately 30 minutes long, after which I will upload your images to a password protected online gallery where you can choose your one high resolution image for downloading. 

The shoot itself can be a little daunting for some (which is why I prefer to be behind the camera!), so I've popped a few tips below to help you out with what to expect and what to wear:

Have a think about the kind of couple you are together
Are you a fun couple who don't take life too seriously, or a loved up couple who can't get enough cuddles from one another?  Do you want a fun relaxed shoot, or something a little more romantic?  However you might be together, have a think about the kinds of poses you would like to do and what would make you feel comfortable in front of the camera and what definitely won't!  

Props can be a great way to make your shoot a little more personal to you.  'Thank You' and 'Save the Date' signs, hats, scarves, sunglasses and jewellery can all add a little extra to the shoot.  Remember this is your chance to show off your personalities, so feel free to be creative.

Dogs are a huge part of many couple's lives, so please do feel free to bring along your pooches!  I absolutely love dogs (have two myself), and so know how important they are to so many people.  They make a great addition to the photos, and might even get a little photo shoot for themselves :)  

This is the big one everyone asks about.  What to wear?  Being comfortable in what you are wearing is one of the most important parts of a shoot.  If you're comfortable then you feel great, and you won't be pulling at your clothes looking and feeling awkward throughout the shoot (trust me, this happens!)  However, as comfortable as you should feel, I still know you want to look great in what you're wearing, so I've popped a few ideas below:

- wear glam or casual whatever suits your personality - just make sure your outfits work together!

- we'll be outdoors, and the shoot will be taking place coming into Spring, so it's always a great idea to wear clothes that fit in with the season.  Think pastel colours...yellows, pinks, purples and blues.  Light knits, jeans, ankle boots, pumps, dress scarves and floaty Spring dresses/skirts always look good.

- AVOID all white and blacks (they can look too heavy), crazy patterns, large prints and bold logos.

- INSTEAD try to co-ordinate your colours, style and materials.  Complimentary outfits can work great, although colours don't necessarily need to match exactly.

So that's it!  To sum up, be yourself, be comfortable and have fun!   

There is a lot of information there, so if you have any questions or would like to discuss the shoot further,  don't hesitate to contact me.

Look forward to seeing you soon!


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