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Northcentral PA Support Services

GP (General Practitioner)

Providing free STI & HIV testing in State College and Williamsport.

Free Testing


Anna Yatskar, MD

Facial Treatments GP (General Practitioner)

Trained and certified in medical aesthetics Dr. Anna Yatskar has become the foremost expert in cosmetic injections for any type of skin condition. Endowed with gifted gentle hands, artistic vision and impeccable sense of style she is constantly adopt

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Brooklyn, 1711 Sheepshead Bay Road, Upper Level

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Office Visit


Premier Health Centre

Spa GP (General Practitioner) Ophthalmologist Optician Massage

Premier Health Centre aims to provide a holistic approach to health & wellness where you can find a solution to any problem, all under one roof.

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Johannesburg , 13 Mackay Avenue, Blairgowrie

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GP appointment 15 min


GP appointment 30min


Salus Riabilitazione

Sports Doctor GP (General Practitioner) Educational events

Studi di Fisioterapia, Ortopedia, Nutrizione, Podologia e Psicoterapia.Salus non è il solito Polispecialistico, il nostro approccio è la presa in carico globale della persona, perchè ancor prima della lombalgia del Sig. Rossi, c'è il Sig. Rossi,


55,00 €

Screening Scoliosi


Prima Visita Ortopedica

100,00 €
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Naucalpan de Juárez, Av Fuente de Piramides 1-304

Naucalpan de Juárez, Av Fuente de Piramides 1-304 Show on map

Consulta Nutrición Clínica - Dra. Mariana Velázquez León


Newington Pharmacy and Travel Clinic

Facial Treatments GP (General Practitioner) Business Advisory

Located at 46-50, Clerk St, Edinburgh, Midlothian, EH8 9JB, we are dedicated to providing convenient access to quality healthcare. We provide a wide range of innovative, high quality services and products to meet the needs of our customers. We believ

Private Online GP (Medicspot)


Prenez Rendez Vous avec votre Médecin à Libreville .

GP (General Practitioner) Pediatrician Colon and rectal specialist Ophthalmologist Allergist/Immunologist Cardiologist

Besoin d'un rendez vous avec un medecin , le centre diagnostic vous accueille à Libreville .Nos spécialités : Médecine Génerale,Dentiste , Gynécologie , Ophtalmologie, Gastro entorologie, Radiologie . Nous disposons d'un laboratoire d'Analyses Mé

Médecine Générale


Poolearth Travel and Vaccination Clinic

GP (General Practitioner)

Our clinics offer professional and friendly guidance in support of a wide range of vaccinations including Travel vaccines, malaria prophylaxis, Chickenpox vaccination, HPV vaccination and many more. Our clinics are run by fully trained pharmacists at

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Plymouth, 51 Damerel Close, Devonport

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Travel Vaccines £30+


Flu vaccine £10


Chicken pox vaccination £60


E-Man-U-Well Wellness Center

GP (General Practitioner) Gynecologist Psychologist Allergist/Immunologist Cardiologist Alternative medicine Sports Doctor Dermatologist Urologist

Available Services- Annual Physicals- Papsmear & Breast Exams- Prostate Testing & Men's Health- Hypertension, Diabetes & Cholesterol Management- Nutrition, Exercise & Weight Management- Health/ Medical Certificates- Immunizations + Si

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New Providence, 45 Roosevelt Ave & Carib Road

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General Check-Up


Dr Jônatas Catunda

GP (General Practitioner)

Médico, cirurgião de cabeça e pescoço, professor universitário, Youtuber - canal Dr Tireóide. Tire suas dúvidas sobre o seu tratamento. Aproveite a comodidade de ser atendido por chamada de vídeo, sem ter que sair de casa!

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Fortaleza, Avenida Engenheiro Agrônomo José Guimarães Duque

Fortaleza, Avenida Engenheiro Agrônomo José Guimarães Duque Show on map

Teleorientação - Cirurgia de Cabeça e Pescoço / Tireóide

R$ 199,00