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Mutual Balance - Chinese Medicine - Derby

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About the company

Affordable - Complementary - Effective

Mutual Balance - Chinese Medicine - Derby -  Providing quality Chinese Medical Diagnosis & Treatment to assist you in attaining your wellness goals. 

If your local we suggest your first booking be for Community Acupuncture.

However, you have three ways to benefit from working with us: 

1.  Community Acupuncture - Rapid Relief: Affordable & Effective, Suitable for most pain symptoms, stress, poor sleep, digestion, etc. 

2. Balance Treatment Package - 90 day Chronic Illness Restoration. A deep dive treatment and learning package to turn around chronic illness and provide you with the skills necessary to maintain your own health and wellbeing.

3. Chinese Medicine Online - For those of you unable to travel to Derby.

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If you're unsure what might be the best approach in achieving your wellness goals, just contact in and we can arrange a time to have a chat to help you gain some more clarity.

3 Ways to contact:

1. Phone: 0439 672 186 (NOTE: Phone reception is pretty hit and miss in the Valley)

2. Email:

3. FB Messenger: You can friend me on FB or simply send a FB messenger text to 

We are honoured to serve your Wellness goals, within the communities of North East Tasmania and globally.

Looking forward to meeting you

Kindest Regards

Dr Paul Chapman

Our team

Paul Chapman

Top services

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EMPOWERING CONNECTION Relationship Revolution

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Harmonize Relationships - Regain Health & Learn to Apply Acupuncture in 90 Days90 Day Relationship Renovation & Autonomous Wellbeing Training PackageHow to remove conflict, open communication, build intimacy, & maintain your families well

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Derby Community Acupuncture

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Rapid - Relaxing - ReliefEnjoy rapid relief from your pain & discomfort whilst recharging your natural batteries in the beautiful tranquility of Mutual Valley, Derby, Tasmania.Derby Community Acupuncture provides a collective space for multiple c

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Chinese Medicine Online

60 min

Quality Service Streamed Direct To Your HomeWhat is covered in a consultationConstitutional Strengths/WeaknessesComprehensive exploration of ALL current symptomsCore imbalance identificationMethods of restoring balance, including: Lifestyle

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30 min

The first step to building nourishing & flourishing  relationships & to learn the skills of self-regulation, both of your own & your families health & wellbeing is to book a Discovery Call.In The Discovery Call We Will Look At...


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