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About the company

I'm a Naturopath with a special interest in Sleep, Stress and Mental Health especially Anxiety and Depression. Using Nutrition, Individually selected Herbal Medicines and Lifestyle I am to help you improve sleep, reduce stress, and help you achieve the best version of you possible.

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Emma Darnell

Top services

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Naturopathy - Initial Consultation

60 min

In your Initial appointment we will discuss your health history and have a conversation regarding your health concerns and goals so we can develop a plan to achieve your desired outcome. The pricing also includes a 15 minute follow up call a week lat

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Naturopathy - Follow Up Consultation

30 min

n your review appointment we will check in with your progress with your treatment plan and make any adjustments to the plan and prescription.Clients requesting prescription repeats that have not had an appointment in 3 months or more will need to boo

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Naturopathy - Acute Consultation

20 min

Exam stress? Big project at work causing you some stress? How about a nasty bout of tonsilitis or cold and flu that you need to be rid of? Acute appointments are available for issues like this, where you need some short term support. If, however, you

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Free Discovery Call

15 min

Not too sure where to start? I offer a free 15 minute call to have a chat about your goals and how I can help you achieve your wellbeing goals


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