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Height / Weight / BMI - Body Mass Index (BMI) is calculated from a person’s weight and height. It is used as a screening tool to identify the possibility of weight-related health problems for adults

Body Fat Percentage - Body fat percentages describe what percentage of your body is fat mass, compared to lean muscle mass

Blood Pressure - Blood pressure is measured as the force in the arteries when your heart beats (systolic) and when the heart is at rest (diastolic)

Blood Sugar/Glucose - High blood glucose levels can indicate the presence of diabetes or an increased risk of developing diabetes – this is measured using a drop of blood

Total Cholesterol - Cholesterol is a fat found naturally in your body. Too much of it can clog your arteries and eventually block off the supply of blood to the heart – this is measured using a drop of blood

High & Low density lipid - Cholesterol in the blood is carried by High Density Lipoproteins (known a good cholesterol) and Low Density Lipoproteins (bad cholesterol)

Triglycerides - Triglycerides are a common form of fat in the bloodstream

TC/HDL Ratio - A combination of a high triglyceride level with high LDL cholesterol may be a better indicator of heart disease risk than just a high LDL cholesterol level

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