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About the company

The brand atelier at helps in-demand experts and entrepreneurs elevate their authority with a powerhouse brand presence online, attracting more high-end sales and creating a legacy brand.

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Hanna Fitz

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Bespoke Private Coaching Experience

60 min

You've done all the reading, attended all the workshops, now all you need is guidance and a clear plan on how to create your next level brand online, work with clients and have the life styled for freedom you desire. Most of my client's desire mindse

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Complimentary Strategy Call

30 min

This is not a free coaching session. The purpose of this strategy call is to assess your goals to determine if you and I are a good fit for my private coaching programs and evaluate what the next best step for you is, given your goals and desires ar

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VIP Private Intensive Clients

90 min

You have purchased two-hour intensive sessions with Hanna Fitz.

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Interview with Hanna Fitz

30 min

Please schedule your interview session with Hanna Fitz using this link.


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