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Erica Saunders, BKin, CSCS, RMT, FR® Release and FRC® Practitioner, Kinstretch Level 1 Instructor

How well does your body move? Do your joints and muscles feel and function as they should? Can you do everything you want to do without limitation? Do you feel nervous about taking part in physical activity because of injury or pain?

Hybrid Therapy & Training aims to help you take back ownership of your body. Learn how to restore lost mobility, build strong and resilient joints, and keep pain at bay.

The Hybrid approach bridges the gap between a physiotherapy setting and a traditional gym setting, using a blend of of soft tissue techniques, mobility training, and weight training. Beginning with a comprehensive joint-by-joint assessment, we work together to build a program that addresses your body's specific needs.  

Be prepared to work hard and put in daily effort over the long haul. Treatment is not passive and does not give instantaneous results, but requires active participation, patience, and dedication. You will be assigned a daily movement routine with the expectation that you continue the process beyond the treatment sessions and into your daily life. You will become educated in how your body works, you will gain tools to manage your own aches and pains, and you will gain newfound confidence in your physical abilities.

NOTE: Massage therapy benefits may be used by those with coverage.

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