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I help sports groups and businesses get motivated with a 90 minutute hypnosis demonstration.

Do you smoke? Have you tried everything? Do you want to try hypnosis with no risk?

I help long time smokers finally quit with a 3 session program.

Could you be happier in life? Do you get stressed and angry?  Do you want more peace and balance?

I use hypnosis with clients that are looking for balance in their lives with our 6 week balance program.

Your an athlete looking at different ways to get the edge? You know your mindset could improve? 

I help Athletes with Confidence and performance using hypnosis and education on their thoughts and beliefs.   

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Mathew Shirley hypnotherapy

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Free Stratergy call with Mathew Shirley hypnotherapy

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Ask your questions with a free call with Mathew Shirley. All future bookings will be scheduled by phone call.


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