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About the company

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A1PHA Trading & Investing is focused on providing information about cryptocurrencies based on years of experience and research.

Aaron Villa is a cryptocurrency coach since 2017 and also a cryptocurrency trader & blockchain expert. Certified by The Blockchain Council. He is very knowledgeable and will walk you through every step to be a successful investor/trader. He has also created multiple courses, formed mastermind groups and shared a lot of free informational tools and tips regarding cryptocurrency.

Aaron offers Cryptocurrency consultation for individuals as well as small groups. Consultations are focused on your specific needs whether that is gaining more knowledge about the basics of Cryptocurrency or if you want to gain more information about advanced topics to help you with your investment strategies.


Cryptocurrency Consultation & Automation

- Will walk you through all the process to get started

- We will help you be a better and smarter investor/trader that is specific to your needs.

- Strategies during a BEAR and BULL markets to maximize gains and minimize losses.



Basics of Blockchain and cryptocurrencies.


How to invest in crypto (Including Transferring coins and viewing transactions data)


How to safely store your crypto to prevent hacks (Cold storage such as Ledger and/or Trezor)

Backup and recovery plans for assets


Setting up exchanges where you can buy and sell cryptos


Setting up your portfolio


Cryptocurrency Resources to best track news and announcements


Basics on how to get started with DeFi (Decentralized Finance) & NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens)


Market Analysis



Portfolio review & customization (Including Risk Management)

                       - Aggressive / Speculative

                       - Defensive (Hedging)

                        Income Generating


Setting up your portfolio tracking app (To see real time value of your assets without compromising security)


Will Show you how I do my research on which crypto to invest in


Access to my personal Research Files


Advanced DeFi topics such as yield farming


Passive Income Thru Staking


Customized portfolio plan based on your current needs and net worth (Depends on your risk tolerance)


Specific Coins Review


Trading Advice and Strategy




+VIP Mastermind Group (Different From Discord Group) - w/ Weekly Market Updates & Positions for Swing Trades

+Free Udemy Crypto Masterclass

+Ask Me Anything:  (Up to 2hrs Of Video/Phone Call)

+Access to My Business Phone # (Follow Up Messages Only)

+Cryptocurrency Full Course (Coming Soon)

The current rate is for individuals, please contact Aaron for group rates. (


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A1PHA (All Inclusion) + 1:1

120 min

 A1PHA (All Inclusion) + 1:1($1K) Everything In The BASICS & ADVANCED +  Customized Portfolio Plan Based on your Current Needs and Net Worth (Depends on your Risk Tolerance)Guided Trading Strategy (Will Show You How I Do My


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