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About the company

We strive to provide expert advice with individuals and businesses, and are passionate about reconnoitering the quickest and most effective ways to develop new well-balanced, accessible, and Inclusive strategies that will deliver long-term results.

step 1 - Please read and sign the consulting agreement, fill out and send back to me signed for services.                                   link for consulting agreement --> 

step 2 - The cost of an on screen tutorial, live stream video consultation is $60 for 1 hour. Please make         
                payment via cash app or PayPal after following the instructions above.
              link for Paypal pal -->  Click here  link for Cashapp -->  Click here 

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Executor Consultant Mr. Ivy a/k/a "Creek"

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Executor Consultant M.T.I. a/k/a "Creek"

60 min

Please first download the Consulting Agreement PDF


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