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About the company

Thank you for choosing to book with us! Thank yourself for taking the next progressive step towards your evolution and gifts. This is a potent decision!

For more details on our services, read each description, or shoot us a question to add to our FAQ! Please be sure to specify details within the intake forms of each service. 

E-mail for any urgent inquiries, or contact us on social media, and we will get back to you within 12-24hours. Can't wait to align with you ❣️

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Personal Thesis - 1 hour

60 min

Serves as your personal guide to navigate your monthly influences that pertain to your birth numbers, in tandem with divination using oracle&tarot cards and intuitive channeling. Receive a thematic verbal and written analysis in PDF for your reco

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Soulscrypted Guest

60 min

One time booking to be featured as guest on the Soulscrypt Journal (blog/vlog & podcast). Valid for one month of content. Your presence in production meetings are required based off our content needs--podcast schedule TBD in meeting. When selecti

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60 min

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Flash Forecast

30 min

Serves as your one time personal guide to insight on an area of your life in need of DEEP inquiry, I.e;  Career path, Intimacy, etc. using divination cards.*Note taking suggested, PDF provided.

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Soul-Legacy Spread

50 min

This service is dedicated to bridging the gap of communication between  the seeker and their divine counsel of crossed over loved ones. The spread is designed to gain confirmation on the gifts/skills passed down through said loved ones as they a


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