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Let’s work together on finding solutions for your life. When we run into challenges, it can be so tough to figure out the best plan to move forward. Sometimes we just need that extra boost or coping strategy to get where we want to be. We provide clients with tools to cope effectively when adjusting to these changes or hurdles. We help you find strengths you may not realize you have, by tapping into what you may be unable to see during your time of stress, depression, or anxiety. Together, we'll collaborate to determine what steps would work best for you to come out of your life transition feeling empowered and psychologically healthy. Our therapy model is short-term and solutions-focused, aimed at reaching steps toward your goals as soon as possible to begin finally feeling like your best self again. 

Speciality areas for therapy offered at Strengths and Solutions include: Couples therapy, Perinatal (postpartum) mood disorders, Trauma, Grief, LGBTQIA concerns, Military lifestyle issues, Career counseling, Depression, Anxiety, and Stress management. 

Separate from therapy, we also specialize in psychological assessments for children and adults. Testing is typically for school-based concerns, such as learning disabilities, behavior challenges, ADHD, or gifted eligibility. Our reports help as needed for clients to receive accommodations in class/standardized exams and meet their life goals.

Please contact us with any questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you!

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