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About the company

Pre-book a 'Beach Wheelchair' for a range of Pembrokeshire’ s accessible beaches.

Check if the 'Beach Wheelchairs' are right for you. Read about the Standard Size Wheelchair, and the Children's Beach Wheelchair. 
(Note: 'Whitesands Beach' has a different design) 
Read the safety guidecleaning instructions. and loan agreement.

To book your beach wheelchair:

Click on ‘Book Now.’ Find an available slot.Login/Fill in account and reservation details. Receive ticket by email.  

To collect your beach wheelchair. 

4.    Bring printed or digital ticket and a form of identification to your chosen beach. 

5.    Show the host your ticket. 

6.    Collect your beach wheelchair. 

For more information about the beach wheelchair project please contact the 'Beach Wheelchair Coordinator' Sarah Beauclerk on 

This project is managed by the 'Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority', part-funded by Welsh Government. Many of the beach wheelchairs available have been funded by local businesses and community groups over the years. 

Our team

Awaiting Host

'Good Trails' (Host)

The Stone Crab

Joe's Diner (Host)


'The Dennis Cafe'

'Jack's at the Longhouse'

'Salty's' beach bar and restaurant

Caffi Mawr

'The Wavecrest Cafe'

Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority (Carew)

YHA Broadhaven

'Windswept Watersports'

Pembrokeshire Coast NPA Main Office

Please Arrange with Host

Top services

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Beach Wheelchairs (Standard Size) (WhiteSands)

60 min

These Beach Wheelchairs at Whitesands Beach are available for a small charge and booked through the host's system. Please contactSunlounger & Deckchair hire, Whitesands, St Davids.Tel: 01437 720692. Email: shaunrhian@btinternet.comfor furthe

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Scooter at Carew

600 min

The Carew Scooter will shortly be available to book online. Please email or call 07813 548157 if you would like to discuss availability. 

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'Push' Mountain Trike (all terrain wheelchair)

90 min

The MT Push chair provides inclusive access as it has the ability to push over a wide variety of terrain. It does not have a unique lever drive system so that riders can propel themselves. Instead it has an adjustable push handle located behind

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Beach wheelchair for children ('Poppit Sands' beach)

120 min

Currently out of service Read more about this Beach Wheelchair here. Read the safety and decontamination and cleaning instructions before booking this chair.

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Beach wheelchair standard size ('Poppit Sands' beach)

120 min

Read more about this Beach Wheelchair here. Please read the safety and decontamination and cleaning instructions prior to booking this chair.


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