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Professional Eye Care Jamaica

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At Professional Eye Care, our passion is to provide the most professional level of eye care available by treating our patients the way we want to be treated. We accomplish this by offering the most affordable, accessible and exceptional level of services through the use of premium technology, expertise and products that enable us to provide lifelong vision wellness for you and your family.

Our team

Dr. Eileen Myers

Dr. Nick Sachse ~ RH

Dr. Nick Sachse ~ Montego Bay

Mrs. Shanique Williams-Chin ~ MB

Dr. Alecia Cox ~ FR

Dr. Nick Sachse ~ Frome

Mrs. Shanique Williams-Chin ~ MV

Dr. Nick Sachse ~ Mandeville

Dr. Nick Sachse ~ SC

Mr. Dennis ~ SC

Paul Williams - FR

Mr. Paul Williams - MB

Paul Williams - SV

Paul Williams - SC

Dr. Karen Small - RH

Dr. Karen Small- MB

Mr. Dennis - MV

Mrs. Shanique Williams-Chin - RH

Ms. Ashley Campbell - RH

Ms. Ashley Campbell -FR

Dr. Alecia Cox ~ MB

Dr. Alecia Cox ~ SV

Mr. Ranceroy Beezer ~ MV




Dr. Karen Small-MV

Dr. Karen Small-SC

Mr.Ranceroy Beezer-SC

Top services

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Initial Ophthalmic Evaluation

20 min

Includes assessment of eye health; including but not limited to eye pressure, retina and nerve health,  glasses review and medical referrals as recommended.

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Medical Examination

20 min

Testing for cataract, glaucoma, diabetic or hypertensive issues, macular degeneration etc. This test is suggested for persons who intend to have eye surgery.

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Full Eye Examination

20 min

Comprehensive Eye Examination; Includes Medical Exam and Refraction. Suggested for persons who have never had an eye exam, have a family history of eye diseases, or have diabetes or high blood pressure.


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