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About the company

We currently have 3 of our own boxer dogs, two of which are rescue dogs and two human babies. I am instilling my love for animals into them and they are following in my footsteps and enjoying the same lifestyle. All my spare time that isn’t spent with my family is given to raising money for charities and volunteering with rescue animals. In the last year alone we have raised £2500 for charity through Redditch Dog Walking thanks to our wonderful supporters through charity dog walks...

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Top services

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Dog walking: Puppy Socialisation Groups

60 min

£10 for 30/60 minutesOur puppy socialising sessions are for puppies from 12 weeks old.Three puppies jumping through the field in the frosty weatherWe’ve recently launched a brand new service – Puppy Socialisation walks! Before now, we’ve only ever wa

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Pet Popins

30 min

A Pet Popin is perfect if you have an elderly dog who may not be up for a walk but would still like some TLC and fuss to break up their day.Puppies who have not had their injections yet (under 12 weeks) and need some company in the day and not to men

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Group walks

120 min

£10 group walk We walk our furbabies all over Studley, Redditch, Coughton, Spernall Ash and more open remote areas with lots of room to run and play. We also rent our own land for safe and secure dog walking. Our dogs are walked for the f

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Individual walk

60 min

£15 individual walk We understand that not all dogs like other dog’s company. If your dog prefers to be walked alone, we do offer individual walks, too. For dogs who are currently reactive to other dogs, we would always try to work with them


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