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Clayburn Middle School

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Clayburn Parent Teacher Conferences

Our team

POD6A - Mrs. Strocel and Mrs. Wyse

POD6B - Mrs. Cal/Mr. Friesen and Mrs. Beulens

POD6C - Mrs. Chronopoulos and Ms. Pelley

POD6/7D - Mrs. Carlisle and Mr. Staniforth

POD7E - Mr. Piper and Mrs. Burrows

PODF - Mr. Voth and Mrs. Supeene

POD7G - Mr. Kemp and Mrs. Piche

POD7/8H - Mr. Drouillard and Ms. Griffin

POD8J - Mr. Hauff and Mrs. Olson

POD8K - Mr. Jones and Mrs. Watrin

POD8L - Mrs. Rasti and Mr. Newcomb

POD8M - Mrs. Fuerst

Exploration - Technology - Mr. Gleeson

Exploration - Home Economics - Ms. Bristow

Exploration - Media Arts - Mr. Williams

Exploration - Music & Band - Mr. Long

Grade 6 transitions- Mrs. Harvey

Learning Services - grade 6 - Ms. McDaniel

Learning Services - grade 7 - Ms. Crawford

Learning Services - grade 8 - Mrs. Lawrie

Learning Services - Ms. Tielmann



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Parent Teacher Conference - Teacher/ Parent Led

10 min

This is our online booking information for parent/teacher conferences. Please select one of the POD options to book your time. All conferences will be online this year.


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