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Please provide your Email address when you schedule a session. It is required so that an invitation can be sent through Zoom for the class session

NPIC is now offering English conversation classes on a limited basis.

Let us be the one  to guide you on your learning path.

We provide daily one-to-one ZOOM conversations with native English speakers.

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Visa Interview Preparation

30 min

You’re almost at the finish line of this long journey. Now is time for one of the biggest hurdles to successfully transitioning to the United States, your interview with the State Department. In these sessions we will prepare you for what, understand

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Employment Interview Preparation

30 min

These sessions are tailored to help you prepare for your prospective employment interviews. These can be prior to or after your arrival to the United States. Essentially it will range from roughly 5 individual sessions that will gradually increase in

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Cultural Adjustment Tips

30 min

Perhaps you’ve already passed the two big hurdles and are just waiting to emigrate to the US. Or, you’ve already arrived and are still a little confused about life in the US. Well, this is the class for you. In this class we will cover a wide range o


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