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The available time slots of the school counseling sessions will be displayed for two weeks from today. You will receive the confirmation text message after you complete the booking process. Available time slots are shown in yellow while unavailable ones are shown in purple. Please go to the web link in your confirmation text messages to cancel the appointment. To reschedule, book again if you want to fix it for some other time.

赫德人文关怀辅导室介绍 Purpose of HDNB School Counseling 
在赫德校园人文关怀辅导的各类计划将为了服务学生的心理与社会需求而存在,目的为与教师共同营造安全正向的寄宿校园环境,协助孩子培养心理成熟度并发展个人独特性,并提供孩子-家庭-校园系统性支持与练习如何解决问题,协助孩子获得自我成长。我将依循“西部学校与学院教育联盟(ACS WASC)”教育认证协会中的儿童保护政策与中国心理学会中国心理学会临床与咨询工作伦理守则,以确保辅导服务的品质。The School Counselor support the faculties by a systematic approach to assist all students in applying skills and integrating resources needed to enhance their academic, career and personal/social development. I aim to support the students to grow as well-rounded global citizens as well as to develop their own unique characters. The school counselor is committed to the code and practices of ethics as advocated by ACS WASC and Chinese Psychological Society to ensure a quality service.

STUDENT SUPPORT SERVICES校园心理健康教育推广与互助促进计划  Primary Prevention Projects and Student Volunteers 团体与班级辅导:人际关系 、国际法律常识、多元文化尊重、团体动力与沟通   Group Counseling and Class Guidance: Basic Knowledge of law, Multicultural Respect, Group Dynamics, and communication.个别咨询:自我了解、情绪管理、压力管理、沟通技巧、人际关系……等。Individual Counseling: Self-Knowledge, Emotional Regulation, Stress Management, Communications, Interpersonal Relationships.家庭支持:教养技巧、家庭关系、生涯探索与沟通。Family Counseling: Parenting Skills, Family Relationships, Resource Integration, Crisis Management, Communications. 资源链接:校外资源拓展、资源评估与维护、危机应变。Outreach: Medical support and counseling outreach

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