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About the company

Archbishop Curley High School is an all-boys Catholic Archdiocesan High School in the Franciscan Tradition. Named after the Tenth Archbishop of Baltimore, Michael J. Curley, the school “at the corner of Erdman and Sinclair” recently celebrated fifty years of education and ministry in the Baltimore metropolitan area. Since the beginning, Curley has been staffed by Conventual Franciscan Friars and dedicated lay men and women, who together have filled the buildings and students with the spirit of Jesus and St. Francis of Assisi.

A strong academic program, a competitive athletic program and a diverse arts program are hallmarks of a Curley experience. What is unique to Curley is the Franciscan dimension, which values the individual and emphasizes the Five Franciscan Ideals in learning and life.

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Mr. Liam Breathnach

Mrs. Angela Cogswell

Fr. Chris Dudek

Mr. Michael Gaffney

Mr. Christian Grochowski

Mr. Mark Halcott

Ms. Carrie Jenkins

Ms. Cheryl Jose

Ms. Danielle Larsen

Mr. Martin McGinty

Mrs. Catherine Miserendino

Mr. Mark Muth

Br. Lawrence LaFlame

Mr. Christopher Ogle

Mr. Thomas Olszewski

Mr. James Pavlacka

Mr. Peter Snarski

Mr. Stephen Streckfus

Ms. Elisabeth Tisdale

Mr. Travis Williams

Mrs. Kathy Schucker

Ms. Julie Wysocki

Mr. Christopher Campbell

Mrs. Kimberly Burton

Mr. Jack Grimes

Mrs. Natalie Hax

Mr. Daniel Kelly

Mr. Stephen Mince

Deacon Tim Maloney

Mr. Ashish Pandey

Ms. Stephanie Bartomioli

Ms. Maria Hernandez

Ms. Emily Vandergriff

Ms. Nancy Dalina

Mr. Karl Dotterweich

Ms. Holly Turlington

Mr. Nicholas Brownlee

Ms. Victoria Vandergriff

Mr. Karl Snyder

Mr. Daniel Ayd

Mr. Matt Walton

Ms. Catherine Smith

Dr. Steven Kebejian

Mr. Gordon Topper

Fr. Jonathan Zenteno

Fr. Raad Eshoo

Fr. Emmanuel Wenke

Mr. Richard Golden

Mr. Demonya Womack

Mr. Owen Edwards

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