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About the company

“Interview like an Insider”

Discover the secrets of Australia’s most competitive industries from an unrivaled network of Tier 1 mentors

What’s a Sensei?

Our mentors have held senior roles in the companies you want to work for and are armed with the keys to recruiting success.

 With CareerSensei you’ll show up to the interview knowing what you peers don’t

What to Expect

We match you with the right Sensei(s) to help you:

Explore, Apply, & Interview
for new career opportunities


We do this by meeting you face to

face and by leveraging our local & global networks

Our team

CONSULTING Sensei (BCG, McKinsey, Bain, ATK, LEK, Big 4, Boutique)

STARTUP SENSEI (Saas, Platform, Incubation, Scale Up, Exited)

FMCG Sensei (J&J, Unilever, etc)



BANKING SENSEI (Big 4, Retail, Commercial, Institutional)

FINANCE SENSEI (Venture Capital, Private Equity, Global Asset Management, Debt, Infrastructure)

INDUSTRY Sensei ( Too many companies to name, let us know genre or specifics)

EXPLORE Sensei (Cross industry knowledge with the ability to help you find your passion)

Ryan - Consulting

Top services

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60 min

(2.5 Hours)CareerSensei is here to help you by providing access to top tier coaches and mentors that will make a real difference to you as you evolve and grow through your business life and career journey        1/2 hour

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60 min

(6 Hours)The first step to getting the job you want is securing the interview. A team of Senseis will review your CV using industry and company specific feedback to ensure you get in the room on interview day  ,      &nb

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60 min

(6 Hours)The first step to getting the job you want is securing the interview.                 1 hour - Introductions, Understanding, Objectives, Next Steps    &nbsp


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