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Hi! My name is Emily Weis. I've been teaching swim lessons since 2012. It has been so fun to watch my little business grow over the years. I would like to welcome new and old faces, both children and adults to my new website and booking platform!

Here are some rules and guidelines I would like you to read BEFORE SIGNING UP:

I am really looking forward to another year of summer swim lessons. I am always excited to see how much progress each kid has made in a year. Please read ALL of these important reminders:

My rate this year is $20 for 30 min individual lesson. Please bring payment to each lesson. There will be receipt book. Please fill it out and leave your money in the notebook or jar.All lessons are done in my back yard pool. The address is 209 Wainscott Dr. Madison, AL 35757I have a schedule for May through August. There will be 2 separate sign-ups (one for May and June, one for July and August) because of the limitations of the website.I have tried to plan around all conflicts. But, please realize I may have some conflicts that arise after scheduling which may cause me to have to cancel a lesson. Hopefully it won't happen very often, but I appreciate your understanding. And, I will try to reschedule any missed lessons during another time that is convenient for both of us.Please be respectful of our lesson time by arriving on time so that your child is ready to enter the water at their scheduled time. I need to begin the next lesson on time so I will not be able to go over if you are late. If you are running late, please text me--256-683-7334.If you can't make a lesson that you have signed up for, please cancel it online (at least 24 hours in advance) so others can take the slot. If you don't show up and don't cancel online, I will need to charge you for the lesson. I have many clients who would like that slot. I will make exceptions for emergencies/issues on a case by case basis.I will cancel lessons for thunderstorms and lightning that is near the pool. Given the weather unpredictability in different areas, please call to verify the weather here. If you choose not to attend the lesson because it is stormy where you are, but not where the pool is and I planned to still have the lesson, you will need to pay for the lesson. When in doubt, please call or text-- 256-683-7334.Parents are welcome to watch the lessons, but if you know your child will do better if they can't see you, please plan to do that.IMPORTANT--As a rule, please park on the street in front of my house. If you need to park in the driveway (for sleeping siblings or to sit in your car during lesson), please pull all the way to the fence to leave the garage free for my parents to come and go as needed.If there is ever a problem or something specific you would like me to do in the lesson, please talk with me about it. I want all swimmers and parents to be happy with my lessons. However, please don't undermine my authority in front of your child during the lesson. Often, I have to push them past their comfort level, but I try to do it lovingly and only when I feel they are ready.I am also a coach for Sherwood Swim Team. It is open to all ages and levels. If you are interested in learning more about that, you can check out the website at

Thank you so much for entrusting your children to me. I have a passion for swimming and truly enjoy teaching others to swim so they can learn to love it as well! See you soon! 

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