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ATAR English: for a cause

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Upcoming Dates:

Friday October 4th 2019, 10am-1pm (Currambine Community Centre, Activity Room 1)

Cost: $20

Looking for some tips and strategies for your ATAR English Exam?  High-performing ATAR students will guide you through each section of the exam, how to approach it, unpack questions, aim for every mark so that you can, ultimately, not only pass, but excel in your English exam.

This seminar will cover

- deconstructing essay questions

- smart preparation

- working efficiently under exam conditions

- creative writing: what to look for

- guidelines for short analysis

What to Bring

1. One of your English Texts

2. Resources for Note Taking

3. Water Bottle

4. Questions

5. 1 piece of writing you would like feedback on (optional)

What will be provided

1. Snacks

2. Revision Notes and Tips

3. Workshop exercises

4. Example Paragraphs and Questions

This year, all revenue from English seminars will go towards A21: Abolishing slavery and human trafficking, worldwide. To find out more about the cause go to

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