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About the company

Improve your conversational English for educational, professional or personal development! Gain confidence!  One-on-one online tutoring from the privacy of your home or office, on your own time, with an experienced, native English language tutor from the United States.

English is the common language used worldwide in business, medicine and education, and gaining or improving fluency is fun, interesting and can open many doors in life! 

I am an English Language tutor with 15 years of experience.  I have worked with over 1500 students from 24 countries to improve conversational English skills, attain advanced fluency,  prepare for study abroad, take the IELTS and TOFL tests, work abroad, and travel. I love to help people gain skill and confidence on the road to true fluency!

Language acquisition and fluency occurs best with regular, CONSISTENT,  verbal use , friendly conversation and repetition.  Whether you need to  prepare for university studies, travel, taking IELTS and TOFEL tests, or for living in an English speaking country, this is YOUR TIME to feel good about English! 

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Catherine Matson

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45 min

Lets get to know each other!  What are YOUR English goals?  Lets talk about how I can I help you reach them! We can make a plan to improve your conversational English for educational, professional or personal development, plan to prepare fo

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45 min

A "Single Class" is your "a la carte" menu item! But in addition to your 70% OFF Introductory Class, you may prefer to lower your costs by choosing one of the Packages* (click "Packages tab above). Or, simply enroll here in a single class anytime!&nb

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30 min

FREE START! English fluency for the New Year 2020!  Special intro offer until end of March ONLY: FREE introductory session, 30 minutes, limited spaces. Book now!  For serious learners only!


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