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New York Martial Arts

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Soke Droual is a longtime martial artist who has, for the past 40 years, been a member of Juko-Kai International and who has studied personally under Rod Sacharnoski, Dai-Soke. Enroll with us to gain the inner confidence you need, to develop streng

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Huntington, 147 Woodbury Rd # C

Huntington, 147 Woodbury Rd # C Show on map

Karate - Group Class


The Wellness Academe International

Fitness Martial Arts Summer Sports Water Sports Dancing classes Yoga

Our Mission Nurturing hearts and engaging minds, enabling one of another to realise their potential and live fully for self and others.

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Mississauga, 784 Thistle Down Court

Mississauga, 784 Thistle Down Court Show on map

Kids Kickboxing 儿童拳击课


Eclipse Kickboxing & Gracie Jiu Jitsu

Martial Arts Personal trainers Fitness

Eclipse Kickboxing & Gracie Jiu jitsu , Tempest Street, Wolverhampton, WV2 1AA Teaching Kickboxing, Boxing and Gracie Jiu Jitsu at a professional level.   Back to Our Web Site

Kids Boxing - 2 Free Lessons


Adult Boxing (16's+) - 2 Free Sessions


Kids Gracie Jiu Jitsu (10 Day Free Trial)


Swale Wellness

Fitness Martial Arts Facial Treatments Gyms

Welcome to Swale Wellness online booking system. Here you can book in for the Fitclub session, Skin Care Party, Healthy Happy Hour and also members can book out a slot in one of the Wellness Evaluation rooms available. Please also note that Mond

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Sheerness, 2nd Floor, 70 High Street

Sheerness, 2nd Floor, 70 High Street Show on map

Swale Fit Camp

1h 15m

PD Kinetics C.I.C.

Coaching Neurologist Coaching City councils Martial Arts

Clinical Rehabilitation through Specialist Exercise Programmes and Assessments for those affected by Parkinson’s and other Neurological Conditions. PD Kinetics methods increase mobility, ease symptoms and show you how to slow the

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Ribble Valley, Richmond Terrace

Ribble Valley, Richmond Terrace Show on map

London -Peckham


Sun Fitness

Fitness Martial Arts Yoga

Sun Fitness 位於荔枝角永康街79號創匯國際中心18樓D至E室(荔枝角地鐵站B1出口行約2分鐘到達)以functional training及interval training為主,幫助學員達到修身效果,還會提供group training及私人訓練

Thai Boxing健身泰拳_Keyson


肌轉Fitness Studio

Fitness Martial Arts

// 指引 //.【非會員】首次體驗 因安全起見請先  點選這裡填寫客製化表單進行初步的體態評估 與 預約* 此頁面無法自行加入會員 故無法進行預約 *.【會員】在擁有帳號與密碼後點選上方的預約 並選擇日期後"先"下滑時間  >  "再"往右滑選擇喜愛的課程操作會比較方便些(餐點訂購 請於當日的21:00時段進行點選)*** 訂餐截止時間皆為 當日 08:30 ***.維護他人上課權益與提升自律性前 8小時 開放預約 / 前 12小時 可取消預約逾期

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新北市板橋區文化路二段24號1樓 Show on map

Thump Boxing - Allen


Bushido Fight Academy Pte Ltd

Martial Arts

The Way of Bushido emphasizes honor, courage, virtue, skill in the martial arts, loyalty and above all else, community. Bushido Fight Academy is not only designed for the warrior who is building his skills to fight in the ring, but also for those who

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11 Bedok North Street 1 #01-18

11 Bedok North Street 1 #01-18 Show on map

Muay Thai


Crazy Monkey Defense Bangsar

Martial Arts Fitness

This is a Personal Training booking system for pre-paid CMD Clients. If you have a pre-paid Personal Training package we can accept your reservation. If not please consider purchasing a minimum of 10 Personal Training classes to continue.  Packa

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Kuala Lumpur , 9 Jalan Riong, Bangsar

Kuala Lumpur , 9 Jalan Riong, Bangsar Show on map

CMD Boxing


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu


Freestyle Club

Gyms Martial Arts Dancing classes

Le Freestyle Club vous propose de nombreuses activités : des cours de renforcement musculaire traditionnels et efficaces "Core Training et Cuisses Abdos Fessiers", des cours de renforcement musculaire intensif "Cross Training et Body PUMP", des étire

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Dijon, 14 rue jean baptiste lallemand

Dijon, 14 rue jean baptiste lallemand Show on map

Séance Découverte Fit Boxing OFFERTE