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UMS Martial Arts Private Lessons

Martial Arts

We will be operating 30 minute private lessons for all students ages 7-up. Some exceptions will be made for under 7 if they have a sibling who is older.

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Falls Church, 6394 Columbia Pike, Suite C

Falls Church, 6394 Columbia Pike, Suite C Show on map

Private Lesson


New York Martial Arts

Educational events Coaching Martial Arts Libraries

Soke Droual is a longtime martial artist who has, for the past 40 years, been a member of Juko-Kai International and who has studied personally under Rod Sacharnoski, Dai-Soke. Enroll with us to gain the inner confidence you need, to develop streng

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Huntington, 147 Woodbury Rd # C

Huntington, 147 Woodbury Rd # C Show on map

Karate - Group Class


Boston Martial Arts

Martial Arts

Boston Dojo Dojo refers to a martial arts school, and it translates to a place of learning. Over the past twenty-five years, the Boston Martial Arts Center has grown from a group of dedicated practitioners into a full-fledged dojo. Throughout that t

Personal Lesson 1/2 hour


Lesson (Intro)


Lifestyle Monks School of Grappling, Yoga & Fitness

Martial Arts

    We offer Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (Adults & Kids), Yoga, Fitness and Neuromuscular Physical Therapy.

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Rush, Rush National School, Rush

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BJJ Private Lesson

59,99 €

BJJ Single Session

15,00 €

BJJ Monthly Membership

104,99 €

Sun Fitness

Fitness Martial Arts Yoga

Sun Fitness 位於荔枝角永康街79號創匯國際中心18樓D至E室(荔枝角地鐵站B1出口行約2分鐘到達)以functional training及interval training為主,幫助學員達到修身效果,還會提供group training及私人訓練

Thai Boxing健身泰拳_Keyson


Swale Wellness

Fitness Martial Arts Facial Treatments Gyms

Welcome to Swale Wellness online booking system. Here you can book in for the Fitclub session, Skin Care Party, Healthy Happy Hour and also members can book out a slot in one of the Wellness Evaluation rooms available. Please also note that Mond

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Sheerness, 2nd Floor, 70 High Street

Sheerness, 2nd Floor, 70 High Street Show on map

Swale Fit Camp

1h 15m

Self Defence Central Dojo

Martial Arts Fitness

Welcome to Self Defence Central Dojo (SDCD), where we teach a self defence system that is adaptable for children and adults, based on traditional Japanese martial arts of Jujutsu. You will learn the practicality of self-defence that it is s

CLASS - Advanced Jujutsu




CLASS - Young Samurai Jujutsu


Be Strong - Entrenamiento Personalizado

Gyms Martial Arts

Somos un CENTRO ESPECIALIZADO EN ENTRENAMIENTO PERSONALIZADO, contamos con un staff de profesionales altamente calificados los cuales enseñan y supervisan a cada alumno durante sus entrenamientos, garantizando resultados rápidos y duraderos. Nuestro

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Callao, Av. Francisco Forcelledo 171

Callao, Av. Francisco Forcelledo 171 Show on map

Escuela de Muay Thai


Focus Martial Arts

Martial Arts

Do you want a confident child?Focus Martial Arts builds...Confidence  |  Self Control  |  Focus  |  Can Do Positive Attitude  |  'Never Give Up' Spirit  |  Standard of Excellence

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Brisbane, Unit 1, Dividend Street, 23

Brisbane, Unit 1, Dividend Street, 23 Show on map

5min Discovery Call


SGS Krav Maga

Martial Arts

SGS Krav Maga is Southern Sydney’s premier Krav Maga training centre and is more than a place where people come to learn self-defence. SGS Krav Maga provides practical and reality-based self-defence lessons based on the curriculum endorsed by the lea

Krav Maga Adult Mixed Class


Krav Maga for Beginners Class


Womens Krav Maga Class