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Namaste Natara

Yoga Meditation

Namaste Natara started as just a yoga studio in Charlotte, NC that later wanted to dedicate the space to other wellness professionals and wellness entrepreneurs committed to changing how we spread wellness in our communities. This space has come to b

Guided Meditation


Zen Mat Yoga Studio

Yoga Meditation

Welcome, beautiful souls, to the Zen Mat Online Yoga Studio. We're here to help you find your inner peace and strength through the power of yoga. Whether you're booking a one-on-one class, joining one of our virtual Hatha or Restorative group classes

20 min. Online Guided Meditation Session $10.00


The tree of life 4 you

Meditation Yoga

After teaching Yoga and mindfulness over a decade now has become my life in many ways. Even with many years of professional experience, I continue seeking ways to expand my knowledge so I can provide the best support to my clients. My personalized ap

Reiki With Medical Intuitive


Quantum Healing Therapy


Meditation Class


Workout with Will

Fitness Personal trainers Meditation

Book an ONLINE ZOOM session with Will Amason:  Group Fitness classes , Small Group Personal Training sessions of 6 or less people with targeted feedback and coaching, or a Private Individual Session that is specific for client (Mindest Coaching

Meditate to Rejuvenate


Move With Mila

Fitness Meditation Yoga

MwM Celebrates you, your heartbeat, your flow, and your natural mover within Mila brings you mindful fitness, working with your physical + emotional wellbeing. She is purely focused on bringing a positive approach to fitness & body health A ful

ANEW is YOU - Monthly Connect

1h 30m

Concepto Yoga

Yoga Meditation

Nos dedicamos a sembrar conceptos y hábitos de vida saludable y sostenible en la sociedad. Ofrecemos soluciones de bienestar y salud tanto a particulares como a empresas: desde clases de yoga, meditación, talleres de desarrollo personal, Mindfulnes

MasterClass Respiración Consciente & Meditación


KarMik Sport & Personal Development

Personal trainers Educational events Meditation Coaching Financial services Fitness Yoga Golf

We are a Health, Wellness, and Lifestyle organization who focus on the "whole" human being.  We help you recognize and improve your mental, emotional, spiritual, relational, physical, recreational,educational, and financial well being.&nbsp

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Redwood Meadows, Manyhorses Park,

Redwood Meadows, Manyhorses Park, Show on map

Meditation - Focused, Movement, and Body Awareness


Génération QI GONG


"Le bien-être par le Qi Gong..."

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22 rue Hollerich , (1er étage), 1720, Luxembourg

22 rue Hollerich , (1er étage), 1720, Luxembourg Show on map

After-work Qi Gong (cours hebdomadaires Q2-2020)

160,00 €


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Здравей, аз съм Явор! Управлявам група от амбициозни момчета, които искат да напредват и развиват със социалните мрежи!Въпреки моята възраст (18 години) имам голям опит с момичетата . Сигурен съм , че ще ти помогна като те насоча как да подобри

Meditations & Mindfulness

50,00 лв.


Yoga Meditation Dancing classes Coaching


VIPASSANA (Presencial)