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Oregon Ballet Theatre Wellness Program

About the company

Oregon Ballet Theatre's Allegro Society Wellness Program provides onsite care for all OBT and OBT2 dancers.  We offer acupuncture,  chiropractics, massage therapy, physical therapy, as well as strength & conditioning classes. 

Our team

Simon Agger

Seth Alley

Nadia Chopra

Jonathan Lohnes

Jacob May

Lena Theime

Amanda Tipton

(KELLER) Amanda Tipton

Scott Hagnas

Scott Hagnas

Nadia Sefcovic

Amy Werner

Top services

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Physical Therapy

30 min

Manual therapy, therapeutic exercise, motor control training, neuromuscular re-education, performance enhancement

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15 min

Diagnosis and treatment including manual manipulation of the joints and musculoskeletal system

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Massage Therapy

30 min

Manipulation of soft tissue to decrease pain, decrease muscle tone, improve circulation and relaxation.

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15 min

30 min Acupuncture treatments!                                   

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Strength & Conditioning

60 min

Weightlifting and group fitness class

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Offsite Acupuncture

45 min

Free Acupuncture covered under OBT’s wellness program, offered OFFSITE! Treatments are 45 minute sessions.


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