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Bridgey's Beachside Biking

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  • Sunday

    8:30 AM - 9:20 AM

  • Monday

    Day off

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    7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

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    7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

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About the company

Fun Indoor Cycling Classes that have you pedaling to the beat of a wide range of fantastic music. You get an excellent cardio workout with low impact on joints and in a small group setting (max. 13).   

Caters for all fitness levels as you can change resistance on the bikes & very little coordination is needed. These classes will add variety to your week and complement other sports/exercise. 

A Joining Fee is not required, so it has never been easier to exercise and feel great.  Just bring your drink bottle & towel  to cover the bike handlebars and we look forward to seeing you at Bridgey's next class!


Weekend Workout!     40-45min* cycling + cool down & stretching (allow 1hour) on Sunday at 8:25am

Evening Energy!            40-45min* cycling + cool down & stretching  (allow 1 hour)  on Tues & Thurs, 7:10pm

*Every effort is made to keep within the scheduled timings so please arrive a few minutes early.


First class is only $5  then a choice of concession card:

5 classes for $60 ($12ea), 10 classes for $105 ($10.50 ea), 15 classes for $145 ($9.70) 

Cancellation Policy:

Class Cancellations made within 24 hours of the class start time or "no shows", will incur a full class fee (equivalent to 1 class on Concession Card). Policy in place from Wed 9th September 2020.

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Bridgey's Beachside Biking

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Weekend Workout! Indoor Cycling Class

50 min

40-45 minutes of indoor cycling, pedalling to the beat of a range of great music + cool down and stretching. You will have fun, burn calories, sing (mainly just in your head but outbursts are welcome), sweat and feel fantastic during and after this

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Evening Energy! Indoor Cycling Class

50 min

40-45 minutes of indoor cycling, pedalling to the rhythm of a range of great music + cool down & stretching. You will end the day biking to the beats, burning calories, beading & beaming! :)

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Rhythm Express! Indoor Cycling Class

40 min

30-35 minutes of indoor cycling to the best beats of a range of music plus cool down including stretching - a great express cardio sweatastic workout for anyone ...including those with limited time, those building up cycling fitness and those who jus

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1980s Flashback Dress Up Class

50 min

Get your legwarmers on, a bright sweatband, some colourful lycra, crazy hair and get set for an evening of biking disco style...40-45min cycling to 1970s/80s music and some jazzercise stretching!


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