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About the company

Our company was founded and run with the sole purpose to help you improve your quality of life. We provide non-invasive therapeutic services, as well as posture-corrective training for pain managment and holistic health maintenance. To complete the your journey to better health and fitness, we provide personal training to help you reach your goals.

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Quinn Quek

JS Neo

Top services

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Personal Training

60 min

Personal training is a 60-minute session. The first assessment session for clients is free. Programmes of 4,8 and 12 sessions are available at $480, $880 and $1200 respectively. Personal training a one-on-one fitness training programme

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Sports therapy and post-rehab training

60 min

Sports therapy and post-rehab training is a 45-minute session.Introductory price for first-time visit at $60.  Subsequent single session at $92.  Discounted treatment and maintenance programmes of 4, 6, 9, 12 sessions are available. &n

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Full body holistic sports therapy

120 min

Full body holistic sports therapy is a 90-minute session.Special price for first time visit at $120.  Subsequent single session at $180.  Discounted treatment and maintenance programmes of multiple sessions are available.  With its num

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@The Abyss - Pre & Post Sports Massage on 19 Sept 2021

30 min

Book a session with us before your time trial to warm up the superficial tissue, stimulate the muscles and decrease stiffness to your joints for a better run experience!  Or have a post-event massage to decrease muscle sorene


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