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About the company

Do you think these jeans make my butt look bigger?

You know a guy can't answer that question,

even if we have known each other since we were kids. 

Why are you asking?  Do you want more butt?

No!  I want less, and that's why I'm asking you.  Your butt's lookin' better these days.

Didn't know you were lookin'.  What else you been looking at?

Well, after you got that desk job a couple of years ago you started to look out of shape.

That noticeable, huh?

Yup, but you've obviously been working out.  You're looking a lot tighter. 

You been hanging out at 24 Hour?

No, I tried that, three different times.  I could get a little bit better, 

but I either got too busy or the changes just quit happening.

So, what you been doing?

Been going to the Jungle.


I've got a personal trainer, name is Quote,

and his place is the Jungle. Made all the difference.
Back to your question.  You want a better butt?

Isn't that what I said?

Why don't you register for Quote's Intro class? 

Let him help you.  Then I'll be lookin' at YOUR butt.

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Quote (The Man)

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Introduction to the Jungle

60 min

What a great opportunity to experience the best personal training!  Bring (or wear) your favorite "sweat" gear.  All exercises will be tailored to your experience and fitness levels.  We don't want to hurt you; we want you to come b


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