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About the company

Come play with our horses
Indulge your love of horses with a lease program that allows you to develop and maintain a long-term relationship with one or more of our beautiful, gentle horses.   Our horses are trained in multiple disciplines including English, Western, trail and gaming. 

We are located near the intersection of NW Skyline and McNamee Rd, in zip code 97231, which is just 20 minutes from downtown Portland and 10 minutes from Forest Heights or Bethany.  Our property is set on 21 acres with coastal range views.    Tall fir trees provide shade in the summer and wind protection in the winter.  A tidy barn, a 100' x 200' all weather riding arena, miles of adjacent riding trails, mud-free paddocks, and fly control system provide a relaxing, peaceful environment to enjoy horse-time.

Lease cost is:
$150 for up to 4 rides per month or $250 for up to 8 rides per month.

Maximum ride duration is 3 hours, including tacking and untacking of horse.

We provide saddles, bridles, grooming supplies, feed, veterinary care and use of onsite riding facilities. 

You provide: your own riding attire such as boots and helmet.

During COVID 19, riders and guests must wear masks while in the barn, wear gloves when handling horses or tack, and maintain 6 feet of separation from any person who is not a part of their own household.

Riding lessons with trainer Bridget Campbell are available for an additional fee of $50 per lesson.  Bridget provides riding lessons for riders in English, Western, and gaming.  Visit her website at to learn more.

Please note, this is not a trail riding operation.  Rather, we offer long-term leases of 1 month or more to individuals who are interested in riding our horses on a regular basis.  Please contact us if you would like to receive a copy of our lease agreement, barn rules and rider release form.

Go to the "Book Now" button, then select "Book a 2-Hour Ride" or "Book a 3-Hour Ride" to see horse biography and availability.

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2-Hour Ride

120 min

Select if you plan to use your horse for 2 hours, including tacking and untacking.1-hour rest between rides: The booking system automatically blocks out an extra hour after each ride to allow for a rest period.  If you book your horse for a 2

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3-Hour Ride

180 min

Select if you plan to use your horse for 3 hours, including tacking and untacking.  Each horse may be booked for a maximum of two 3-hour rides per day.  If you observe a horse is already booked twice in the same day, please select a differe

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Riding Lesson

60 min

Improve your riding skills and horsemanship in a private riding lesson with certified trainer Bridget Campbell.  Lessons run 1 hour and are offered most Mondays and Fridays.  IMPORTANT:  You must have a signed horse lease with Denali N


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