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About the company

Welcome to Jared Meyer Fitness, your destination for personalised fitness and sports training!

I am passionate about empowering individuals to embrace a healthier and more active lifestyle. With 3 years of hands-on personal training experience and an additional 4 years serving as a strength and conditioning coach for sports teams, we will be able to achieve your fitness goals efficiently and effectively.

Each fitness journey is different. That's why I want to work with YOU to understand YOUR fitness goals and tailor your programs to match your individual needs, abilities, and aspirations. Whether you're looking to shed some kgs, build muscle, increase athletic performance, or simply improve your overall health, my customised training plans will ensure you get the results you want.

What you can expect:

Personalised Training: No cookie-cutter workouts here! Each training plan is made just for YOU.

Expert Guidance: With me as your personal trainer, you'll benefit from years of experience and a deep understanding of fitness and sports performance.

Sports-Specific Coaching: As a former strength and conditioning coach for sports teams, I know how to elevate your game and maximise your athletic potential.

Accountability and Support: At the end of the day we're in this together! I'll keep you accountable and provide the encouragement you need to stay on track.

Results-Oriented: Your success is my success. I am committed to helping you achieve your fitness goals and celebrate your accomplishments along the way.

Whether you're a seasoned athlete or new to fitness, Jared Meyer Fitness welcomes all levels of fitness enthusiasts.

Take the first step towards a healthier, happier you by contacting me today. Stoked to break some barriers with you!

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Top services

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Strength and conditioning 1 0n 1

60 min

The Strength and Conditioning 1-on-1 is a personalised training program offered by Jared. With this service, I will work closely with individuals to design tailored fitness regimes that focus on enhancing overall strength, endurance, and performance.

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Group functional fitness classes 2 -5 people

60 min

The group functional fitness classes are designed to provide a personalised and effective workout experience for small groups of 2-5 people. With a focus on strength training, cardio, and a variety of exercises and training techniques, our classes ar

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Running conditioning plan

60 min

The Running Conditioning Plan is a personalised service designed to enhance your running performance. Through a one-on-one meeting with our experienced coach, Jared, we will assess your current running abilities and collect data to develop a tailored

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Rugby Skills Coaching 2-5 people

60 min

The Rugby Skills Coaching service is designed for individuals who want to enhance their rugby abilities in a small group setting. With a focus on personalised attention, we work with groups of 2-5 people to develop essential skills such as passing, t


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