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Jean-Michel Tournier (PhD, MS, PE)

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About the company

SpotLighting You On The WEB is proud to offer:

the mid-career and executive job hunter ➜ full coaching, branding and career development services;
the consultant and business owner ➜ unique and proven strategies to generate leads and replenish your sales funnel;
the marketer and sales professional ➜ advisory services on Social Media and multi-channel marketing automation solutions.

● We leverage the awesome power of LinkedIn to brand you and connect you.

● We optimize your content for the Google and LinkedIn search engines (SEO).

● We offer powerful strategies to grow your networks and target the professionals you need.

 We train you on the best social selling strategies to develop the relationships that matter.

● We support you through this challenging time of transition.

● Check with us for discounts and Promotional Packages.
● We work remotely from
Dallas, Texas - USA, Central Standard Time.

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Jean-Michel Tournier

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B2B Marketing & Lead Generation Consultation

60 min

  Are you a marketer, freelancer, coach, small- or medium-sized business owner or sales professional struggling to fill your B

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Career Counseling and Planning Consultation for Job Hunter

90 min

  I am passionate about empowering mid-career and executive job hunters with the knowledge, strategies and technology needed to secure their Dream Job quickly.  I offer full coa

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Not Sure We Are a Good Fit? Let's Talk!

30 min

  I take absolute pleasure in helping professionals in career transition find their Dream Job, and marketers, coaches, SMB owners and freelancers generate more leads and grow their business. It’s an

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Consultation for Existing Client

60 min

  If you are currently a client with SPOTLIGHTING YOU on the WEB, please schedule your next 1-hour consultation with Jean-Michel using this SELECT button. I look forward to continuing our w


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