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    12:00 AM - 6:00 PM

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    9:30 AM - 8:00 PM

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About the company

Aloha Tri - Triathlon coaching with Aloha spirit. The Aloha Spirit is a reference to the attitude of friendly acceptance for which the Hawaiian Islands are so famous. However, it also refers to a powerful way to resolve any problem, accomplish any goal, and to achieve any state of mind or body that you desire.

Our team

Rav Dighe

St Albans Turbo Sessions

Top services

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Initial Consultation

30 min

A free 1/2 hour 1:1 Audio/Skype call with our Head Coach to discuss all your race, training, and nutrition questions for triathlon or other races

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Swim Assessment

30 min

We are offering half hour 1:1 sessions for both beginner and intermediate swimmers new to triathlon or open water swimming.

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Coaching Discussion

60 min

We’ve been coaching athletes for more than 10 years, this successful program has seen triathletes, duathletes, cyclists, and runners of all abilities, and from all over the world, join us to maximise their potential to achieve their goals, personal b

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Athlete Calls

30 min

These calls are open to Aloha Tri Coached Athletes. Please self-assign where time slots are available. Note: When you enter your details, please put in the number that you want to be called on.

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Turbo Sessions In St Albans

60 min

Our weekly Turbo sessions kick start again on the 16th Oct. Spaces are limited, so please pre book Monday nights @ 7pm #powerhour at: Clinic8 Albert House, North Orbital Road Saint Albans Note: If you decide to order a block of 4 sessions for £20,


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